1. Year 6 Netball Winners!

    Congratulations to our Year 6 team, who represented Sheffield Girls' at the Mylnhurst invitational netball tournament against Spinkhill, Mylnhurst and Norton Free yesterday - and won!

  2. 10 Years of Song

    Sheffield High School for Girls and Birkdale School Sixth Form Choir is looking to organise a reunion to mark 10 years of song! The schools want to reunite singers from the joint choir, which started in 2007, for a celebratory concert in Sheffield on Sunday December 17. To register, go to: https://goo.gl/forms/mcvxkQ4DfuLrooiD2

  3. A 'Disney Dazzle' of an evening for the joint Sixth Form and Birkdale Choir

    On the evening of Thursday 19 October, ''Disney Dazzle' was the theme for the joint Sixth Form Choir performance with Birkdale school.

  4. An invitation to Buckingham Palace for Lucy and Clara

    Mrs Boulton-Pratt, together with Clara Payne in Year 13 and Lucy Pirzada in Year 11, spent a once-in-a -lifetime day at Buckingham Palace in October, following not one but two major triumphs as both Lucy and Clara won their categories in the finals of the TeenTech awards at The Royal Society in July.

  5. Generations mix for school days Catch Up

    They say the schools days are the best of your life - and 92-year-old Barbara Blossom is still reminiscing about hers! Barbara, who started Sheffield High School for Girls in the 1930s, attended the latest alumni drinks reception in London - 75 years after she left in 1942.

  6. GDST Young Leaders’ Conference at the Royal High School Bath

    Sixth Form students from Sheffield Girls’, including the Head Girl team, were put through their paces by leaders from all walks of life at an ‘Apprentice’-style leadership event in October. Now in its seventh year, the GDST (Girls’ Day school Trust) Young Leaders’ Conference, which takes place at The Royal High School Bath, aims to help students develop tangible life and leadership skills, including teamwork, communication, negotiation, problem solving and financial management that will benefit them when they embark on their chosen careers.

  7. A chance to have The Big Conversation with Paul Blomfield MP

    On Friday 6th October the Main Hall at Sheffield Girls’ was the venue for local MP Paul Blomfield's annual community consultation, the Big Conversation. All of Year 12 and Year 13 students had the chance to ask those burning questions, such as: ‘What will Brexit mean for us, how will it affect the National Health Service and exactly what does happen to all that money that is paid in tax?

  8. Chatsworth Art Out Loud Festival

    At the end of September, A-level Art students Emily Puddephat, Neha Ray, Hannah Patrick and Becky Holder in Year 12, took part in a really inspirational, challenging and rewarding day at the Chatsworth Art Out Loud Festival with Mrs Andrews & Ms Senior.

  9. Gold medals for Gymnast Jessica

    Congratulations this week go to Jessica Rodgers, one of our new Year 7 students and one of this year’s Sports Scholarship winners. Jessica has just won the overall gold medal at the Yorkshire Women’s Artistic Gymnastics championships.

  10. Medal Success in the GDST Trust Swimming Rally

    On 3 October, a squad of 10 girls travelled to Northampton to take part in a GDST Trust Sports Rally in swimming. A team of Year 6 girls and a team of year 5 girls competed at the event against other GDST schools throughout the country.