What will I be studying?

The Mathematics in Context course is divided into four main topic strands:

  • Applications of statistics

  • Probability

  • Linear Programming

  • Sequences and Growth

The content is predominantly based on GCSE content, with approximately 20% being drawn from above and beyond GCSE level.

What does this subject involve?

You will strengthen your understanding of many key GCSE Mathematics topics, while learning a number of new topics and methods. Crucially, you will learn to apply your mathematical knowledge to a wide array of contexts, including unfamiliar ones, making your existing skills much more applicable in the real world.

Course Format

This is a one year course, examined at the end of Year 12. It is a level 3 qualification, equivalent to an AS level.

Why should I choose Maths in Context?

  1. To support your study of other A-level courses with significant mathematical content (e.g. Chemistry, Biology, Geography and many more)
  2. To prepare you for the mathematics requirements of a number of higher education courses
  3. To develop your understanding of, and ability to apply, mathematics
  4. To equip you to apply for employment or higher apprenticeships in a wide range of industry sectors, professional training or university
  5. To develop your analytical reasoning skills and become more con dent in using mathematics in your everyday life