What do you need to study History?

  • An interest in the subject
  • An inquiring and lively mind
  • An enjoyment of discussion and debate
  • An ability to express yourself well in discussion and on paper
  • No previous experience of the subject

What will you gain from studying History?

  • Habits of independent study
  • Confidence to contribute to discussion
  • Research skills
  • Analytical skills
  • The ability to manage information
  • A clear, logical written style
  • An ability to express your own point of view effectively
  • Respect for the views and perspectives of others

A-level History covers the following:

Unit 1 looks at Russian History from 1917 to 1953,  allowing students to study the topic in depth

Unit 2 involves a breadth study of the Tudors between 1485 and 1603

Unit 3 - the personal study centres on the Arab-Israeli Conflict 1895 to 2010

What can you do with History A-level?

Accountancy, law, banking and financial management, business, civil service, human resources management, journalism, medicine, politics, television and radio are just some examples.

Each year group makes outside visits to places linked to the topics they are studying and there is a thriving History Club which is open to all girls.

Miss Claire Fowler

Head of History and Politics

Miss Fowler leads the History and Politics departments, and enjoys helping girls to think critically about the past. She previously worked at Weston Park Museum and Chatsworth House.