Sheffield Girls' celebrate outstanding GCSE results every year.

In 2018, the pupils and staff at Sheffield Girls' celebrated outstanding GCSE results with almost half of all entries awarded the top grades of A*/9/8.

GCSE Results (2014-2018)

Grades 2018 2017 2016 2015 2014



46% 37% 38% 38% 31%

A* – A

9 - 7

67% 61%   69% 75% 62%

A* – B

9 - 6

82% 83%   91% 92% 84%

A* – C

9 - 4

96% 95%  99% 98% 97%

In Mathematics, Sheffield Girls’ celebrated with over a third of students achieving the prestigious top grade 9.

It was also a successful year for Sciences with 80% of grades at A*/A in Biology, Physics and Chemistry. And in the first year that GCSE Geology was introduced, pupils achieved 100% A*/A grades.

Language students excelled in Spanish, German, French and Latin where 80% of grades were A*/A and in Chinese where 100% of students were awarded an A*.

Commenting on the results, new Head Mrs Nina Gunson said:

“The results in Maths were outstanding with 35% achieving the top grade 9.

“This grade was introduced to differentiate top achievers and to inject more rigour into the qualifications, so to have more than a third of students achieve this is absolutely amazing.

“Nationally, last year, just 3.5% of students sitting GCSE Maths achieved a grade 9 so we have blown that statistic out of the water.

“The results are a real credit to the students and teaching staff."