In September and October, Sheffield Central MP Paul Blomfield organised meetings across Sheffield to listen to concerns and opinions of the community and particularly those of young people, including our A-Level Politics students.

They met with him in Sixth Form for a conversation to discuss issues they have a passion for, as well as gaining insight into wider political affairs across the city and country. The discussion was an excellent in-depth review of some of the most prevalent and pressing problems in Sheffield, including debate about the quality of mental health services, issues with transportation pricing and disabled accessibility, the homeless population and losing funding for local authorities and the police force. The opinions put forward will contribute to his political campaign and hopefully lead to city-wide improvements.

Izzie Bianchi, one of the students present, said, “I really enjoyed it as I felt like things that I cared about were being listened to and taken on board, and it was helpful to talk to an MP who actually experiences UK politics from an inside perspective as it helped focalise what it is we talk about in Politics lessons.”