To celebrate Earth Science Week in October 2017, the Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Britain (PESGB) and the Earth Science Teachers’ Association (ESTA) ran a national ’Naming the Dinosaurs’ competition for schools, based on the invention by Sir Richard Owen of the word ‘dinosaur’ (meaning ‘fearfully great lizard’) 175 years ago to describe fossils that had been discovered in Southern England.  Executive Director of PESGB, Maria Iredale, came into School on Tuesday 27 February to present the prizes.

Geology students Rosie Down in Year 11 and Aemelia Hyde in Year 13 both won first prize in their respective  GCSE and A-level age groups. The challenge to entrants was to show knowledge and understanding of the topic to produce an eye-catching and informative A3 poster that would appeal to students of their own age.

The girls both won beautiful ammonite fossils, and the school was also presented with some beautiful ammonites to keep.