Thursday 24 November was a very special date in the diary for our Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Coordinator Morag Rodgers, when the North of England Director for the DofE extended a personal invitation to attend Westminster Abbey for a special service to celebrate the Diamond Anniversary of the Award.

Morag Rodgers 20 Years of DofE

The invitation was in recognition of the 20 years of support and involvement that Mrs Rogers has given to the development and growth of the DofE and also for the support and investment that Sheffield Girls’ have given to Award scheme over the past years.

‘There were 2000 people invited to the celebration, including helpers, leaders, supporters for the Award scheme - just the tip of the iceberg of those involved’, said Mrs Rodgers. ‘The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh were there, along with Earl and Countess of Wessex. It was a great day!’

Here is a bit of background information on Mrs Rogers and her 20 years of DofE: Mrs Rodgers loves the outdoors and camping!  She has her Bronze, Silver and Gold Duke of Edinburgh's Awards and can remember sleeping in a cave for a night on her residential. When at Sheffield Hallam University she volunteered at a local scout group and introduced DofE to them...and ended up running it for 13 years, Bronze to Gold levels.  In 2012 she left teaching to focus on outdoor work and became a freelance instructor, mainly delivering DofE expeditions.

She came to Sheffield Girls’ as DofE Co-ordinator nearly 2 years ago and she can't believe it has been that long already!