On Monday 9th January, Year 9 benefitted from a session with Inspiring Futures to get them thinking about GCSE choices as well as possible future careers.

Students accessed Kudos, a computerised guidance package which helps them consider their interests, skills and abilities, and how they might link to the world of work, introduced by Mrs Hall, our Head of Careers, and Jane Lancaster from Inspiring Futures.

The session is just one of a series that are being delivered as part of the PSHE/Careers programme equipping students with the knowledge, skills and understanding they need to make informed choices, preparing them for life beyond school, living and working in modern Britain.  It came up with some interesting ideas!  Here’s what the girls had to say:

  • ‘It did not suggest any of the jobs I was particularly interested in but suggested others I had not thought of…’

  • ‘I was amazed at the wide range of careers available – some I’d never heard of!

  • ‘It gave me an idea of salaries’

  • ‘It made me think about what I want to get out of a job’

  • ‘It gave me lots to think about as I’m making my GCSE choices right now’

This computerised careers guidance tool allows students to match their interests with potential careers and then to investigate the careers that most interest them at this stage. It is important for students to consider all the possible choices before they make decisions so this year we have designed a colourful and detailed GCSE Options booklet which will shortly be given to all the Year 9s. We would encourage parents to spend time looking through this with your daughter before coming to the Year 9 Options Evening at 7pm on Tuesday 24th January.

This event will give you more information about studying at GCSE level and give you the chance to talk to subject teachers about the content of the GCSE subjects on offer.

Mrs Hall will be at this event and also at the Year 9 consultation evening on February 8th to answer any questions about how to make good GCSE choices.