As part of Science week, on Wednesday 14 March a group of Year 8 and Year 9 students attended an event called CyberMaze at Sheffield Hallam University.

A number of different schools from the Sheffield area took part in the event, which involved following a trail around the campus and solving puzzles to reveal clues along the way.  The objective was to find the four-digit code to unlock the padlock on a treasure chest. The problem solving activities involved different aspects of computer science such as logical thinking, deduction, code breaking, and coding.

All the students thoroughly enjoyed the morning and were successful in unlocking their treasure chests. The activities enabled them to learn more about the type of thinking that underpins computer science, cybersecurity, cryptography and forensic analysis – all of which are themes in the KS3 Computing curriculum and KS4 and 5 Computer Science and IT qualifications.

At the end of the session the organisers awarded a prize to the team that they felt had demonstrated the best teamwork skills.  We are pleased to say that this was the Sheffield High Year 9 team (Arabella Asamoah, Lahari Paladugu, Nawar Hussain, Mara Sergienko, Jorja Plummer and Kashish Kapoor)