Join a rare opportunity to see and learn about the buildings at Sheffield Girls' at the Broomhill Festival.

Three guided tours will take place on Monday 17th June at 7pm, Wednesday 19th June at 7pm and Saturday 22nd June at 2pm, looking at the development and character of the houses and buildings on Rutland Park and the people who lived in them.

School premises in the tour include the Main School building, Moor Lodge, Ash Grove, Church House, Trinity, the Sports Hall, Science Block, Melbourne House and former private house Mount View.

Mrs Gunson, Head, said: “The history of the site is fascinating. A school here can be dated back to 1884.  It contained an art studio, science laboratories, a gym and tennis courts and was enlarged in 1898. The building included the former gymnasium, one of the first of its kind in 1884, which was used as a prototype for gymnasia in many other schools.

“The school’s buildings have undergone many changes of use, during the war and afterwards. For example, the army used the main house until 1945 with the girls relocated to Cliff College in Calver, Derbyshire, from September 1939.

“The tour will show examples of old and new buildings and explanations relating to people, stories and emblems on the site such as the significance of the daffodil as the school’s flower and Keelings, and how we have been creative in the use of the buildings to accommodate modern learning requirements.”

Pupils have also put together a display for visitors on the school during WW2 some of which was bomb damaged.

To take part in the tour, head for the main school entrance at 10 Rutland Park and pay £5 in cash. No need to pre book.

The festival runs from Friday 14th June and Sunday 23rd June and includes 39 events. For further details visit