As one of the leading primary schools in Sheffield, we set the standard with our primary school curriculum. We think it’s important to offer our girls an educational platform that they can build on as they progress through their school years. As well as offering the core education curriculum and leading primary facilities, we also strive to develop our pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural awareness throughout primary education.

At Sheffield Girls’ we work on the basis that a girl will only learn if she is happy in her surroundings, and for this reason pastoral care is key. Every member of staff has a pastoral role with the pupils that they interact with. Support, encouragement, praise and an awareness of emotional needs are paramount to what makes us one of the leading private primary schools in Sheffield.

When it comes to our student’s personal development, we take what happens outside the classroom just as serious as what happens inside it. That’s why we offer a range of music and dance activities, whilst we have a range of sports clubs and activities for students of all ages.